iPump Small and Economical Pump

Small and Economical Pump

Keep your hopper full and your production non-stop with our new iPump transfer pump. Combined with our gentle pumping technology and its small footprint, the iPump quickly transfers products without sacrificing quality or production space.

Machine Features and Benefits:

Draw product directly from a mixing bowl or pail
Versatile – fits most pails and mixing bowls from 60 to 140 quarts
Unique tilt mechanism for quick change over – no heavy lifting required
Two modes – continuous pumping or triggered by a foot pedal
Stainless steel construction stand
Adjustable pump speed control for different types of product
1.5″ (38 mm) diameter flexible outlet hose
Outlet end “U” pipe that hooks onto the rim of a hopper
Optional Hopper Level Sensor to maintain a consistent product level

Hopper Topper Transfer Pump

Pump Without Sacrificing Quality

The Hopper Topper transfer pump keeps your production running 24/7. With safe and gentle pumping technology (similar to hand scooping), your product will be quickly pumped and transferred without sacrificing quality.

Machine Features and Benefits:

5 models – MAX, Power lift, Economy, Starfish® and Tote
Fill hoppers direct from the bowl, tote or container
Level sensor helps maintain product level in hopper
Quickly pumps everything from smooth to chunky to thick
Easy on your product – maintains product integrity
Quick, easy cleaning for product change-over
18 Month Warranty