Clipps Dispenser XK

The Clipps Dispenser XK is the ideal solution for closing all kinds of plastic bags The compact size and easy operation make this dispenser ideal for use behind the counter. The Clipps type K usd with the dispenser , are equiped with a label where the expiration date can be printed with the incl uded date stamp.
The dispenser is completely made of stainless steel a d can be properly secur d with the included suction cups or a dhesi vestrips . For smaller production runs , where fully automatic packaging lines are not profitable , the Clipps Dispenser XK is ideal .

Standard Features

Stainless steel.
Length: 400 mm.
Width: 170 mm.
Height: 250 mm.
Packaging & Weight
In a carton of 250 x 250 x 400 mm.
Weight: 2,8 kg.