Kitchen waste recycling equipment.

Eco Digester

ecoDigester is a self-contained on-site continuous feed food waste disposal system.

The customised biotechnology accelerates the natural decomposition process by maintaining optimal and balanced levels of aeration, moisture and temperature.
Within this controlled environment, our uniquely cultivated microbes biologically recycle solid food waste such as vegetables, fruits, fishes, poultries and dairy products into either Liquid Nutrient or Recycled Water within 24 hours.
Process: Input of food waste → Digestion of food waste (food waste mixed with microbes and broken down within 24 hours) → Proprietary Sludge Management System (to separate liquids & solids)

Standard Features

• With built-in grinder to crush bones and shells
• Continuous feed on-site food waste disposal system
• Yearly microbes replenishment
• End product – grey water/ recycled water/ liquid nutrient
• Capacity up to 200 tonnes

Eco Composter

Turn food waste into a valuable resource instead of dumping them into landfills. Reduce haulage costs and CO2 emission into the atmosphere with the Eco-Wiz ecoComposter which generates Organic Fertilizer or Organic Compost.

Standard Features

• With/ without built-in grinder
• Batch Process
• Quarterly microbes replenishment with organic compost as end product
• Enzyme for every batch with organic fertilizer as end product
• Capacity up to 5 tons